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Lionza The Spiritual Therapist

Who are These Services For?
Personal Services

Are you experiencing a divorce, hard break up or a difficult separation?
Are you experiencing the passing of a loved one or terminal illness and need to see the light and lose fear of the future?
Are you an empty nester in need of rebirth and renewal?
Are you stuck and nothing seems to work for you and need a new life incentive and perspective?
Are you in a deep depression and or experiencing anxiety or panic attacks?
Are you a Veteran experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Are you in need to lose weight and rejuvenate and invigorate your health and beauty? Let's jump in the conscious nutritional journey, I'll help you find the strength and will power to go back to health.
Are you experiencing an addiction or other self-destructive sabotaging behaviors?
Alone in this world and need a partner to help you walk your journey?
Are you in need of believing in life again?
Are you trying to manifest abundance and nothing is manifesting?
Do you need a different Life Recalibrating Perspective?
Are you trying to manifest an amazing loving relationship?
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Business Services

Are you a minority small business owner trying to provide services to the Government?

Are you a small business owner in need of business development corporate services?

30 mins • Phone Call

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